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In a Google ads account, keeping everything organised and under control is one of the main components of improving performance in the account. One of the best ways to do this is to have a campaign structure that best suits the type of account it’s being applied in.

In each Google Ads account, there will be many different campaigns targeting different products and brands for sale across the site.

Let’s take a look at a few different types of campaign structures that should be considered when taking on a Google ads account and why they can be useful:

Product-specific Campaign Structures
A product campaign usually revolves around a certain product type (e.g football shirts in a sports clothing account) and then broken down via ad groups which target individual products in this area (e.g Liverpool Shirts, Arsenal Shirts etc.).

Structuring a campaign this way allows you to create ads for certain products. This allows the ads people see to take them to the exact product they are searching for.
According to the three-click rule, users of a website should be able to find any information they are looking for on the website within three clicks or browsing three pages of the website otherwise they are at risk of leaving the site.

Although this is typically applied to website content and creation it’s not to be overlooked when structuring a Google Ads campaign. Using this logic the landing page of the ads that appear when people search on google need to be specific, this allows the user to see all the product information and price straight away then add to basket and purchase the products rather than searching the full site in order to find the product they are looking for.

Having a product-specific landing page also allow advertisers to create their ad text specifically around the product, putting unique selling points of the product in the ad text so the audience sees valuable information about the product before they even click on to the site.

Brand Awareness Campaigns
Another popular way to build campaigns in an account is utilizing a brand campaign and bidding on your own brand.

This is a useful way of bringing in traffic as people searching for your brand will typically already be aware of the company they are searching for.

A brand campaign ensures your ads will show up on google for branded search terms with a personalized message in the ad text drawing the audience in.

Brand campaigns are highly useful as they are normally cheap to bid and provide an audience with high intent to convert as it is that company they are searching for.

How Does it help?
Having different types of campaign structures helps us build the best possible break down for an account possible in order to engage with its target audience. Whether it be breaking a campaign out by brands or specific products, the better the structure of an account campaigns makes it easier to gather information.

Information gathered through search terms, clickthrough rate and conversions helps with fresh ideas that can be applied elsewhere in the account due to the results found and in turn lead to account growth.

Post by Chris Totty
December 10, 2019