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Are You Using Third Party Reviews?

I’ll start by explaining why third party reviews are important in general to any business. How many of us carry out some research and look at different reviews for different products and services? Pretty much all of us, in fact 90% of us read online reviews before making a decision online. If you’re like me and want to be as sure as you can be on an online purchase, you will look at third party review sites to help build your confidence to go through with the purchase.

The more third party reviews, as well as on site reviews, the better for us shoppers.

So why are our online research rituals important to businesses & sales?

I’ll give you some funky facts on reviews;

In terms of Google and AdWords, ads with positive 3rd party reviews (using review extensions) are 10% more likely to be clicked on than those ads that don’t. Why? Because with the reviews in front of them immediately, it gives the user a sense of security straight away and encourages the click. Providing they get taken to a relevant landing page, the chances of a sale or enquiry are much higher and quicker as less time is taken seeking out reviews.

If you’re not familiar with review extensions then I’ll quickly catch you up. When you create a review extension, you’ll pick out a quote or paraphrase a snippet from one of your reviews and link it to the published source. Adding the review extension gives ads a bit more weight and subsequently makes them more appealing.

To conclude, having third party reviews, as well as your own, ensures that consumers are more likely to trust you, and as the facts show, more likely to convert and even spend a bit more.

As an agency we have partnered up with Reviews.co.uk. If you would like to find out how your online business could benefit from third party reviews then please feel free to get in touch.

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Glen Barker
Post by Glen Barker
May 19, 2017