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Mabo have recently been awarded Premier Partner status from Google. This is of course a huge achievement for us as a company and it shows just how far we have come in only three years. From our MD’s home office to Boho 5 (Learn more about Lee Mableson here) we are now regarded by Google as one of the top PPC Management agencies within the UK.

But the important question you may ask as an existing or potential client of Mabo is “What does this mean for me?”

Hopefully we can answer that for you.

One of The Top UK PPC Agencies


Because we are now a premier partner with Google, we will get access to more training programmes for our staff to take advantage of. These includes bootcamps, full training on new Google products and much more.

We are constantly learning as an agency and the more we learn, the more information, technique and strategy we can pass to our clients and we can continue to improve the profitability of their paid search advertising.


We now have closer more dedicated support links into Google. This means that if our clients ever need to troubleshoot we get answers much quicker and more importantly, solutions.

Along with these extra support features are the ability for our clients to have regular meetings with Google. These can be either at our new office at Boho 5 or at Google itself. The purpose of these meetings are to demonstrate further growth opportunities for your business through insights available through Google.


Speaking of insights, we now have access to so many more facts, figures and market trends through Google. This means our clients can get access to these so they can better plan their overall online marketing strategy, not just through AdWords.

Mabo Media are Google Premier Partners

Beta Program

As we mentioned in our post about Demographic based bidding, Google often release Beta features for Google AdWords which are available to Premier Partners. These are basically early access to new features for testing purposes; more often than not these are eventually released to all advertisers (depending on test results) which means we get a head start on optimising using new techniques. These can be anything from new extensions to whole new bidding opportunities that can increase exposure, sales and overall performance of an advertisers account. We take advantage of these as soon as they become available.

All in all there are a lot of advantages for our clients when dealing with Mabo as a premier Google partner agency. The fact we are a Specialist PPC agency, whose sole focus is on delivering profitable PPC Campaigns for our clients, means we utilise our relationship with Google to our clients full advantage.

Serious Google Premier Partners

Post by James Lees
November 30, 2016