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Remarketing is a great way to re-connect with users who previously interacted with your website and your products. Using remarketing audiences will help in increasing your brand awareness as well as reminding those users to make that all-important purchase. We can use these audiences in different ways, each with their own benefits, see examples below: 

Standard display remarketing allows you to show display ads to your past website visitors when they are on other websites and apps on the Google Display Network.

Remarketing lists for search ads which can be added as targeting or observation to either solely target the audience or just to collect data. Please see example below. 

Dynamic remarketing is always a firm favorite and allows you to show products and services which users have visited on your website dynamically across the Google Display Network. 

There are many different audiences that you can create for an account, here are some of our favorites.

All Users
All users are the most basic audience that you can create within Analytics, it does what it says on the tin and captures the data of all users that pass through the site. As a standard, the membership duration is 30 days but we advise changing it to 540. The number of days in a membership duration is that of the users that remain in the audience. Although this is simple, it is effective and should be a base mark minimum in every account!

Session Durations
For the majority of cases, the longer a user spends on your website the more engaged and intent they are. This can also be used on the flip side and you can create audiences that capture users who typically spend short periods of time on the website and put a negative bid adjustment on. Session duration can be found under the behavior tab.

Cart Abandoners
We’ve all been there, filling our carts sky high and then leaving at the last minute. This audience is really strong for dynamic remarketing. To create this audience we create an audience where users have visited specific sections of your website, this will be your cart or basket page and team it with transaction > 0. This will collect users who have been in your checkout area without purchasing. This can be adapted for wish lists too. 

If your company has a large social media presence, this audience is for you. Especially if you run social discounts as you can entice users through IF-Statements within the ad text. To create social audiences we need to capture the social source of the audience – this is found in the traffic sources section. 

By targeting users who spend more than your average order size you can increase your overall revenue. Similarly to the session duration, this can be used on the flipside and we can create audiences which are well below your average order size. This is particularly useful if your product’s price range is varied. This audience is created in the enhanced e-commerce section and can have the following variants: Perform any action (this is best if your audience size is smaller). Added to cart or purchased an item. If you have enough data, purchased an item is the most effective shopping behaviour.

This audience is fantastic for big sale periods like Black Friday and January Sales. By segmenting your users by date ranges from when they first visit you can capture buying habits for different periods of the year. You might want to do this when you are in the sale or just before e.g Black Friday users are more likely to window shop through October so you want to target these users more heavily in November when they are more likely to spend their money on all of those sales and discounts!

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Post by Jenny Dunn
August 6, 2020