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(SocialMediaToday, 2020) ran several polls on their newsletter on the topic of marketing goals. The aim of these polls were to find out what businesses would class as their ‘top’ marketing goal. Thinking about yours now? I thought so… “Brand awareness” was a clear winner and consistently came out on top. 

Brand awareness is everything and when consumers rely on others opinions before purchase, brand trust is everything. Brand awareness gives your brand a personality, it makes you known and recognised on social platforms and more. By having brand awareness you have the opportunity to be sincere, receive feedback and tell your story

Wondering how you can achieve brand awareness through digital marketing strategies?
This won’t happen overnight, and like my good friend Cheryl Cole once said:
“anything that’s worth having is worth fighting for”. Strong brand awareness is a result of multiple simultaneous efforts that extend beyond trying to get paying customers. Check out my top three tips below:

SocialMediaToday’s survey provided the below results showing brand awareness was the main marketing goal achieved through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!! So you would be a fool to not jump on these platforms.

Has the above information got you thinking about your brand awareness? Are you struggling? Contact our team NOW who can help you provide brand awareness through social platforms and pay-per-click (PPC).

Post by Holly McMullan
September 11, 2020