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Consumers are more engaged with businesses who can meet their needs from home right now–and they’re more willing to move to those who can. If like me, during lockdown you will have potentially seen your postman more than you have seen your family. River Island, Amazon, Miss Guided, New Look, you name it, I ordered from it!

In June, a Google survey showed that 32% of U.S. consumers shopped online with a brand they hadn’t before coronavirus. With that figure, it is absolutely clear that this is an opportunity for businesses to connect with new customers!

Are you thinking about how you can connect with your best leads and faster? I thought so… Carry on reading to find out about foundational tools that tap into the power of intent, ad formats that help you find qualified leads, and measurement solutions that optimize for lead value.

Focus on the fundamentals:
Every business has been there when you struggle to identify where consumer demand is shifting while making sure you have the right query coverage – at the same time!! Within three months, search terms such as ‘small business loans’, ‘video conference’ and ‘online learning’ went through the roof!! Check out our four top tips in refreshing the fundamentals:

  1. Tap into intent: Pair broad match keywords with smart Bidding.
  2. Inspire new audiences across Google: Reach up to 3 billion people with Discovery ads as they explore YouTube, Discover and Gmail.
  3. Follow Google’s creative best practices: Write ads that clearly articulate your value to people researching new brands. Grab your consumers attention.
  4. Uncover new opportunities: Use optimization score and Performance Planner.

Find Qualified Leads:
A study took place in March showing consumers prefer to use more varied methods to communicate with a business. Web forms, calls, there is soo many options for you as a business to take advantage off! Google have built lead-focused ad formats that span the Google ecosystem, including call ads and lead form extensions.

  1. Lead form extensions:
    Allowing you to show a lead form directly in your ad, giving individuals an easy way to share information as they search, discover and watch relevant content. I mean, everyone wants efficiency right? Jeep implemented lead form extensions and saw completed leads increase more than tenfold!! How amazing is that????
  2. Call ads:
    If your business relies on phone calls to drive leads then this is for you. These ads encourage people to call you for more information and can appear on any device that makes phone calls. See an example below:










Optimise for lead value:
It’s all well and good driving leads, but what if they don’t turn into sales? Pointless… To optimise for these sales within Google Ads, you need to connect your converted leads to your online campaigns. In order to do that, Google is making it easier to import offline conversations by using the information people already give you in your lead form. As a result, it will take less time to integrate with your customer relationship management (CRM) system. I mean, who doesn’t want to save time eh?

While lead data can help you optimise campaigns, it can also be used to nurture leads with Customer Match. Whether it’s creating a connection online with an offline customer or enhancing existing relationships with a custom message, Customer Match makes it easy to continue the conversation with your best customers. Match rates have been improved and will now update in real-time. The image below shows a new ‘match rate’ interface for customer match.

It is clear, that every company did and are continuing to do their utmost best during the unpredictable times that came from 2020. To read Google’s full blog please see HERE. 

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Post by Holly McMullan
September 7, 2020