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What Is PPC Management and Why Do You Need It?

In a nutshell, PPC (Pay Per Click) Management refers to the tasks, strategies, and processes involved in managing Pay Per Click advertising.  However, it’s not quite that simple.  PPC management is all about…

Paid Search Definition

Or it is if you’re with the right agency.

Why Do You Need A PPC Management Agency?

1 – Specialist Knowledge 

Identifying what you want to achieve through Google Ads is simple. From increased sales to better brand awareness or even improved lead generation, there are many different ways you can use Google Ads. Actually achieving the results is where the challenge lies. 

That’s where a PPC Management Agency comes in. 

If you are trusting a company that offers a PPC Management Service, as a minimum they should have experienced Account Managers with a wealth of technical knowledge that will get you the most out of Google Ads. To go one step further, if you opt to work with a Specialist PPC Management Agency, your PPC Account Manager will live and breathe Google Ads, making them experts in the field. 

Google Partner

If you would like to double-check how qualified your agency is, you can. If they’ve got the badge displayed on their website (which they should), does it click through to their profile on the Official Premier Partner site? If it doesn’t click through to anything, it’s probably not valid. 

2 – Metrics and Reporting

If you have accurate tracking in place and a fundamental understanding of Google Ads metrics, it is clear to see how effectively your Google Ads campaigns are performing. Whilst it’s worth keeping in mind that your PPC Account Manager cannot work miracles, with the right agency you should be able to see consistent improvements to your key metrics. 

Top Tip – Be wary of any agency who won’t give you access to your own Google Ads account or send you regular reports and updates. You only hide what you don’t want people to see. 

3 – Access To Support 

As a Google Premier Partner, you get exclusive access to advanced technical support. As an advertiser, if you have ever had to ring Google Ads support, you will hopefully have been given the solutions to your problems. However, Google is very much aware that the questions posed to them by a Premier Partner Agency tend to need a higher level of support. Ultimately, this means only Google’s most knowledgeable representatives are put forward to deal with such queries, meaning we get answers to our questions faster. 

If you’re worried your Google Ads account isn’t performing as it should be, a FREE Google Ads account review will be able to tell you why.

4 – Constant Updates

Google is constantly changing and updating. In 2020 we have seen the shopping ads going free, new insights page, custom audiences and many more.  This, in addition to the constant tweaks and changes within the interface itself, makes keeping up to date with all the latest innovations a full-time job. If you’re too busy to keep up to date with these updates, you run the risk of your competitors beating you to it!

 Constant Updates

5 – Staying Ahead Of The Curve

Building on the previous point, nobody wants to just keep up with their competition. Keeping up to date with changing trends is only half the battle; working with a Google Premier Partner will catapult you one step ahead of the curve. If you are lucky enough to work with an agency with access to the latest betas, tools, and updates, before they are even released, then you can almost guarantee that your ads are as competitive as they can be. 

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6 – Time 

Finally, one of the most obvious but undeniably one of the most valuable benefits of using a PPC Management agency is the amount of time you save. Managing Google Ads campaigns can be incredibly time-consuming and making sure you’re getting the most for your money can be even harder. Think about how much value you could add to other areas of your business in the time spent managing your Google Ads. What else could you be doing if you enlisted the help of a PPC Management Agency?


What is PPC Management?

Post by Holly McMullan
October 22, 2019