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We all want better performance on Facebook right? Video is the best performing content type across all social platforms, and it can help boost engagement, awareness and sales in your end of year push.

If you are not promoting videos across your platforms, then this is the time to start! Our friends over at Facebook have provided us with their top 3 tips on how to improve your video content approach.

1. “Add a 3-5 second trailer to hold interest”

Facebook’s first tip is all about grabbing your viewers attention, with something so simple as adding a preview of your video at the beginning of the clip. By doing this, users will be more likely to stick around to find out what happens, allowing you to share your content.

2. “Frame the story – with a 4:5 aspect ratio”

Facebook’s second tip is all about creating perfect viewing. Most viewers now watch videos on their mobile, and commonly in vertical orientation rather than landscape.  Facebook’s internal research shows that some videos have seen a significant performance improvement by switching from 19:9 orientation to 4:5. Something to definitely get your tech team working on!

3. “Engage your community – commenting on posts”

Maximising engagement is one of the main reasons for using videos and responding to comments on your video posts, can do just that. By joining the conversation, reach is maximised and engagement is improved.  Facebook also notes that you can respond to Facebook and Instagram video comments via the Inbox tab in Creator Studio, making it easier to manage your activity.

We caught up with Social Account Manager, Ryan Metcalfe, to see what he had to say on the topic:


“When best practice advice comes from Facebook we certainly take notice and this advice is about as sound as it comes. Here at Mabo, we have always been aware of the 3-second rule, being that if someone is scrolling if you don’t engage them in the first 3 seconds chances are they’ve moved on.  Correct framing is vital to make sure your video gets maximum exposure across the platform additionally we also consider optimisation in relation to Instagram. Finally engaging your community or commenting on posts reveals the personality of a business and stops you appearing like a faceless void it helps build trust and people like buy from companies they trust.”



Have Facebook’s top tips got you thinking about how you can improve your engagement? Contact our amazing social team TODAY who would be more than happy to help.

Post by Holly McMullan
December 8, 2020