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Everyone want’s to have the best Facebook Ads right? I mean, you can’t blame them really, of course, you want YOUR ads to stand out. With Christmas only around the corner (quite, literally), I am sure you are starting to get a move on with your holiday marketing campaigns, and mapping out your upcoming efforts. And for many, that will involve ads on Facebook and Instagram, where you can maximize your reach, and boost brand awareness. 

To help, our fantastic friends over at Facebook have shared some of their top tips in regards to ad copy.  Check out their 5 top tips below:

In addition to these notes, Facebook has also provided some practical examples, showing how to create an effective Facebook ad. Alongside, a table of key ad tips, which can both be shown below.



Facebook can provide pointers and notes to help you decide on your strategy. However, ultimately, ad performance is dependant on the specific campaign. Click HERE to read the full post.

Has this post got you thinking about your Facebook Ads and how you can improve them? We have a fabulous social team who would be more than happy to help. Contact them NOW. 

Post by Holly McMullan
November 10, 2020