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Remember the date, the 16th May 2018. We were named as the best small PPC agency in Europe at the European Search Awards.

best small ppc agency

This award means that we are ranked, by the peers in our industry as the best specialist PPC management agency of up to 25 staff in Europe. Let’s have a look at what this means in numbers:

best small ppc agency of europe

To be named as the best, in a continent is an absolutely superb achievement for our company. When you think of how far we have come in our five years of trading, it makes this win all the more special.

What is next for us?

We are unable to defend our title, unfortunately. Due to our recent recruitment run, we will be operating with over 30 staff soon. This means that we can no longer be named as a small PPC agency. But, winning this award has put our company amongst the absolute elite of agencies in our space. Why can’t we go and win the best large PPC agency award next year?

If we continue to grow as we are, deliver the best service we possibly can and make a difference in this industry. Then why not?

lee mabelson and rob jackson

Our operations director Rob Jackson would like to say thank you:

On behalf of everyone at Mabo I want to thank every single one of our fantastic clients for putting their faith in us and supporting us on our journey. We’re only where we are now because our clients have stood by us. And this is just the start – we’re still constantly trying to improve and develop our service to keep delivering the best performance we can. Onwards and upwards

Last, but by no means least. We would like to say a huge thank you to every single member of Team Mabo. You guys are the lifeblood of our agency, and you will be paramount to the success we continue to have.

Thank You

Your AdWords advertising could be managed by the best specialist agency that Europe has to offer. Why not speak to a member of our award-winning team to see how you could achieve better results through PPC advertising.

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Post by James Lees
May 18, 2018