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Whilst Facebook allows you to clearly see how many transactions have been generated through your paid ads on Facebook Ads Manager, it’s not always clear how to track transactions made through your organic Instagram or Facebook page content.

By utilising the ‘Attribution’ tool in the ‘Analyze and Report’ section within your Facebook Business Manager, Facebook breaks down how many purchases were made organically (and through what channel) and the value of those purchases.
To utilise this tool, head to  business.facebook.com/attribution and select your Business. If this is your first time using Facebook Attribution, you will see the following:
Go ahead and click ‘get started’ and you’ll then see instructions to help set up your line of business. Once you’ve set up your line of business, it’ll take about 15 minutes to receive data. It’s important to note as well that data will not be backdated and it will only start tracking the data from when the Line of Business Attribution is set up.
Once all is set up, you’ll then see on the left, the following list:
Make sure you’re on ‘Performance’. Then, you’ll want to select ‘organic’ from the following dropdown that you will find in the middle of the page:
Select the data range and the event that you would like to report on here:
Once you have selected all of your options, you can then scroll down to view the data once it has been pulled through – however, this data may be very low if you have just created the attribution model.
Facebook will pull through data from all other channels to if you are just wanting to report on Instagram and Facebook organic conversions then you are looking for the under ‘Facebook (Organic)’ and ‘Instagram (Organic)’:
If you’re wanting to clearly see if your organic content is generating conversions, then this is a great way to analyse organic data.
Have you always wanted to get a closer look at your organic data but unsure how? Contact our social team NOW who would be more than happy to help.
Post by Chloe Moloney
October 29, 2020