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In the ever-changing world of PPC advertising, it is imperative that we stay on top of any new features and ensure that we are in-line with the industry’s best practice.

Here at Mabo, we are committed to making sure that all our staff are trained and qualified to manage Google Ads & Microsoft ads accounts to get the best performance for our clients.

This means that our award-winning PPC trainer, Matthew, has the demanding job of passing on all of his knowledge and informing the team of any new features in paid search.

Let’s explore the main benefits of continuous training:

1 – Identifying Opportunities For Improvement

Matthew keeps track of everyone’s journey in the company to know what topics have been covered and how the individual scores themselves at various capabilities. This allows an account manager the opportunity to identify any areas for improvement and to have 1-2-1 sessions to hone in on particular skills and build up their knowledge base. 

Building bricks

2 – Increased Performance

The knock-on effect of continuous improvement is an increase in performance. In PPC, this will mean that account managers will be able to carry out their day-to-day tasks not only quicker but with a deeper level of understanding. They will be able to advise on strategy and implement it correctly. Consequently, our client’s will be meeting their business goals and targets and we will have built a stronger relationship.


3 – Fulfilment and Satisfaction

It probably comes as no surprise that employees who receive continuous training are not only more skilled at their job, but they are more confident and more motivated too. This will only reflect well on clients, who will feel this enthusiasm when they speak to their dedicated account manager.


As you can see, through continuous training, we are staying ahead of the curve and ensuring that our army of PPC account managers are the best in the industry.

Henry Ford allegedly once said “The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them at all and having them stay”.

The key point we can take away from this quote is that training will always be beneficial for the long-term sustainability of your company. If you want to have the most talented staff, invest time and money into ongoing training and you’ll never have to worry about falling behind!

Post by Elliott Venis
October 21, 2019