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Every job has it’s difficulties. Being an account manager for one of the top 1% of Google Partner agencies in the UK is no different. There’s a hell of a lot of technical knowledge needed to navigate AdWords and turn an account around, and once it’s turned around there’s a lot of continued optimisation needed to keep it heading in the right direction. However, I think I can speak on behalf of all our account managers and say there’s a huge satisfaction and buzz that you get from knowing that your good work has benefitted a business – which at the end of the day, is someone’s livelihood. Or in some instances, lots of people’s livelihoods.

You see the thing is, we take on accounts that are in all sorts of shapes. Some restructures take longer than others, but the end goal is always the same; to improve the account. How we measure this improvement can vary depending on the type of website and whether or not it’s e-commerce based. So for example, an e-commerce based client will often want you to improve their revenue generated by AdWords, or to improve their ROAS (return on ad spend), or often both, as the two can go hand-in-hand. A client who isn’t e-commerce based may look to get more enquiries out of their account. You get the picture. And so as account managers, we take real pride in the level and quality of our work because more often than not, we tend to do a good job. Without blowing our trumpet too much, we believe that we’ve got to where we are today – one of only 10 paid search specialists in the world to be chosen by Google to take part in their Vanguard project – because of our attention to detail and vast improvements in the accounts we take on. But don’t take our word for it, read what some of our satisfied clients have to say here.

Clients, We Really Do Care?

Therefore the reason I mention how good we are and how much we enjoy turning accounts around is simply because we do. There are fewer more satisfying moments than a client telling you that they’re really pleased with the progress, or when you need change targets because you’ve smashed the existing ones. And why? Because as stated earlier, it means that your work as an account manager is helping transform your clients’ businesses. Our clients are people, people like you and I who are trying to build and improve and better their business. And this is why AdWords can be such a powerful tool for a whole range of advertisers, given the right care and attention.

One thing that is worth noting is that we are not miracle workers. We’re close, but not we’re quite there yet. Consequently, from time to time, we come across accounts that take a little longer than usual to improve. Sometimes, some clients simply aren’t suited to AdWords and it’s not the right platform for them. But at Mabo we’re always honest and transparent about performance, whether it’s positive or negative; so rest assured, if you’re an existing advertiser with us, we have your best interests at heart. From the consultation stage, to the day-to-day account management from one of our ever-growing team, we love what we do because it means helping online advertisers to grow.

If you feel your AdWords performance could be improved or would like some free and impartial advice on your existing advertising, then feel free to contact a member of our team today on 01287 244080 or complete our contact form here and someone will be in touch.

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Post by Matthew Soakell
June 15, 2017