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Quite a bold statement that isn’t it? But it’s something that Google themselves have actually awarded Mabo with.

Every partner company of Google (32,000 of them within the UK) gets awarded specialisation certifications in areas in which they have excelled as an agency. There are five in total and Mabo are one of only 40 UK based Google partner companies who have all of these.

Mabo Media Google Partner Specialisations

This puts Mabo in the top 0.125% of UK Google partner companies. Something to shout about of course; but also something that reassures our clients that their Google AdWords advertising will be managed by a pay per click agency at the top of their game.

PPC Management is a service that the majority of agencies will offer, but what this now proves is that the UK have very few actual specialist agencies.

This news just reaffirms the point that Mabo are one of the market leaders when it comes to managing PPC advertising for our clients. Add this to the fact that:

  1. None of our clients ever sign up to a contract to use our services. It is a service completely free of commitment & clients can leave if they ever feel we are not performing.
  2. We have been hand selected by Google as one of only 5 UK agencies to spearhead their new mobile initiative, the Vanguard Programme.
  3. We only offer PPC Management as a service, so it is paramount that we stay ahead of the game for everything pay per click related. If we do, our clients then stay ahead of their competition.
  4. We have a proven track record of dealing with SME online retailers in delivering high performing, highly profitable Google AdWords advertising.


We are really proud with what we have achieved in our four years as a PPC specialist agency, this is just the next step.

If you want to speak to one of our PPC specialist consultants then please feel free to register for a FREE AdWords consultation today.

Do you feel you miss the latest Google Ads updates and feature releases? If so, then contact Mabo today to see how your PPC advertising could benefit from working with our team of PPC management specialists. 

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Company News
Post by James Lees
March 28, 2017