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Why I Chose A Digital Marketing Apprenticeship At Mabo

I am often asked why didn’t I choose to go to university to study Marketing as this would

lead to a degree. The truth is I was ready to get hands-on experience that university

couldn’t offer in the way an apprenticeship could. After looking into the many Digital

Marketing apprenticeships that were on offer, choosing one with Mabo Media seemed

like the right option.


From the first day, I felt like I was part of the team and was encouraged to make

contributions towards the work and the company. In just the 4 months I have worked for

Mabo I can confidently say that I have learned more with the hands-on experience than

I ever would have sitting in lectures and listening to people talk about the theory of

digital marketing. Now I’m involved in all sorts of different tasks, including:


By completing these tasks on a day to day basis, I am able to provide valuable support

to account managers by supporting and managing PPC advertising which will help them

in providing for our clients the outstanding service that makes Mabo ‘Your PPC Agency’.


I am often asked if I regret taking an apprenticeship rather than going to university and

the answer is simple: absolutely not. The experience I have gained here at Mabo is

invaluable and unique which could never be achieved at university. I believe doing an

apprenticeship has given me a fantastic opportunity to learn and grow in a successful

business which will give me the tools to develop a successful career.


I feel incredibly lucky to have been given the opportunity to work here at Mabo and to

have achieved and learned the amount that I have in such a short space of time at Mabo

Media, and if I hadn’t chosen this path of learning I can confidently say I wouldn’t have a

successful career in the future.

Post by Katherine Henderson
January 11, 2019